Bob Kelly

Interesting, practical and insightful. Steven Keyl manages an excellent balance of being comprehensive without spending too much time on any one topic. I find myself constantly recalling sections of the course as I observe those around me. It’s funny that while I want to keep much of this information to myself, I still find myself recommending it (and there I go again).

Kenneth Weiss

This is a masterful compilation of information and ideas for dealing with people, in business settings and other settings as well. I organized a simple test of an idea from Chapter 3 - looking to see which way people's feet are pointed when they are standing and talking--this was revealing. It was one of many suggestions that can be implemented effectively.

Jennifer E.

The Human Whisperer is extremely useful for ANYONE -- parents, business owners, team leads, teachers ... ok, if you talk to people, you need this. 

The section on identifying deception was particularly helpful and using the non-verbal cueing techniques helped me quickly ascertain which of our team members at a recent company meeting were comfortable versus those who were upset/unhappy.


...this guide is clearly a work of passion...and as a political science professor, I was initially skeptical of how this might help me in my professional life. A lot of modern pedagogy has moved away from the charismatic ideal of the “sage on the stage” toward student-centered “active”-learning,” but it takes persuasion to get students to buy into these newer methods. In the war for knowledge, there are a lot of conscientious objectors. I'll try anything to nudge them in the right direction. For awhile I've felt frustrated and disheartened with my reliance on extrinsic rather than intrinsic motivators (“do this because you need the precious, precious points” rather than students taking the initiative to satisfy their own intellectual curiosity).
I've had students come at me with their unending river of lies, some of them absurdly obvious, “Hey Sensei, I need an extension on the term paper because my grandpa died again and I'm feeling...” So I was pleasantly surprised to read the section on properly deposing and interrogating liars. Cheating detection is usually easy, but securing an admission of guilt can feel like pulling teeth. I will consult this book immediately before pursuing future confessions...
In the end, here's a book that I think will struggle to find a permanent spot on my shelf... because I'll continually pull it down for refreshers.

Delta Lima

A good, direct look at how to interact with people. I enjoyed it thoroughly! He uses lots of humor to brighten the topic.


This was an interesting take on human interactions, primarily in the business world. But being in the medical field, I can see many of these techniques as well......we need these ideas for the care providers at all levels.

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