The Human Whisperer Course

Unleash Your Inner Whisperer:

Master the Art of Human Connection

Course Overview

This engaging video course equips your team with the essential skills to navigate the complexities of human interaction and become more effective leaders. Through bite-sized video lessons, you'll unlock the secrets to:

Command Attention: Go beyond words and read body language from head to toe. Anticipate challenges, build trust, and strengthen communication with your team.

Become More Influential: Cultivate charisma and discover the secrets of captivating leaders and developing strategies to command attention, inspire action, and influence others effortlessly.

Build Stronger Teams: Develop effective communication techniques to connect with anyone, build strong relationships, and foster a collaborative and trusting team environment.

The Whisperer Advantage

Plus, all corporate licenses gain ongoing support through hourly weekly feedback sessions with your instructor. These sessions allow you to:

  • Clarify concepts:¬†Get personalized guidance and ensure a deep understanding of the course material.

  • Ask questions:¬†Receive expert answers to your specific challenges and leadership goals.

  • Apply your learning:¬†Get feedback on the practical application of the skills you're developing.

By combining engaging video lessons with four weeks of personalized feedback, this course empowers your team to master the art of human connection and transform your leadership abilities.

Who Will Benefit From This Course?

  • Leaders:¬†Elevate your leadership skills by mastering human connection.¬†Motivate and inspire¬†your team,¬†build trust, and¬†navigate complex situations¬†with confidence.

  • Professionals:¬†Become a more¬†influential communicator.¬†Command attention¬†in meetings,¬†close deals with ease, and¬†advance your career¬†with powerful communication skills.

  • Anyone in Relationships:¬†Enhance your ability to¬†build strong relationships¬†with colleagues, family, and friends. Learn to¬†understand others¬†on a deeper level and¬†foster genuine connections.


Corporate License


What you get

  • Up to 12 participants
  • Three-week curriculum (2 hours/week)
  • Four live feedback sessions
  • All participants receive a copy of the Human Whisperer book
  • 1-year access to course content

Single License


Key Features

  • Access to all¬†video materials
  • Self-directed pacing
  • Generate irresistible charisma
  • Become a body language expert
  • 1-year access to course content

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