About Steven Keyl


For 25 years, IĀ served several US Federal Agencies asĀ part of the IntelligenceĀ Community (IC). Now, I leverage that experience alongside my master's degree in forensic psychology to empower leaders to unlock the hidden potential within their teams. Imagine a world where you can cultivate stronger connections, inspire peak performance, and navigate complex interactions with newfound confidence. That power is within your grasp.

My approach goes beyond traditional leadership training. I delve into the fascinating world of human behavior, drawing insights from not just the IC's time-tested strategies but also the methods of psychics, magicians, and social engineers. This unique blend equips me to understand the more profound "why" behind thought and action.

My courses and workshops distill the wisdom gleaned from a quarter-century in the IC. Empower yourself and your team with these powerful techniques ā€“ let's unlock the secrets to exceptional leadership together.

Selected Media Appearances

Am I really an expert in body language and detecting deception? Well, I have been on TV in that capacity more than once, so you know I'm for real! I mean, after all, when did you ever hear something on TV that didn't turn out to be true?


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